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One of the programmes at PhenomenalWomen included
               weekend bootcamps, which was more of a ‘mind camp’
               to show women and young ladies how to deal with ‘stuff’
               in their lives. Women transformed from caterpillars into
               beautiful butterflies, from introverted to bubbling streams
               of chatter and excitement. The changes in their lives were
               remarkable! They were taught to re-ignite the sparkle
               within, replenish their minds and beings with selectively
               ordered and deliberately chosen  good soul-filling
               information; and finally to re-invent themselves to live
               smart, fulfilling and rewarding lives.

               Another  programme  was  to  mentor  Grade  12  female
               learners attending various high schools in Mitchells Plain.
               The objective of the mentorship programme was to walk
               alongside the girls through their matric year to ensure
               that they completed their schooling despite social or
               domestic interruptions, demanding boyfriends, unwanted
               pregnancies  or  feelings  of  inadequacy  or  being
               overwhelmed, thus giving up.

               This book is a compilation of some phenomenal stories,
               which I hope you find real and relative.

               Powerful women are all around and one  of them is
               reading this right now!

               Amanda Sickle

               July 2017
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