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               Everyone has a story! If you are reading this right now,
               then it is the right time for you to be reading these stories
               which I hope will inspire and motivate you to reciprocate
               by sharing your story.

               Story-telling is as ancient as the hills and is known to be
               the best means to impart and maintain legacies and relics
               of days gone by. Story-telling is the heartbeat of many
               cultures;  ancient  and  modern.  Let’s  face  it;  everyone
               loves a story. It could be a ‘once-upon-a-time story’ or a
               ‘did-you-know story.’

               The idea to further this process was birthed in 2009 when
               I  founded  a community-based  organization  called
               PhenomenalWomen, in Mitchells Plain.

               PhenomenalWomen was established with the intention,
               inter alia, to stimulate entrepreneurship and self-reliance,
               to foster economic stability in women, and, to facilitate
               the rebuilding and restoration of women, to shift them
               from  dependence  to  independence,  and  to  transform
               them from victim to victor. The initial target audience was
               the 16-18 year old’s so that they could make informed
               decisions before finishing school and embarking on their
               journeys into the ‘real world’. It soon became apparent
               that older women felt excluded and also yearned for a
               safe space to interact with other women, a space where
               they could chat about their lives and find healing from
               dire circumstances, often beyond their control.
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