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Anthea Boltman

               Be brave for the truth

               I am the eldest daughter of six, three brothers and two
               sisters and as the eldest I had most of the responsibility
               because both my parents worked full time.  My chores
               included taking my siblings to school and cleaning after
               school.  We were not allowed to play outside. We grew
               up in Wynberg. In those days people moved around alot
               so from Wynberg we moved to Retreat and then we lived
               with my grandfather in Diep River. With the Group Areas
               Act we were forced to go live in Manenberg. We basically
               moved from a beautiful suburb to the Cape Flats and that
               was  a  real  shock  for  us  children.  I  remember  my
               grandfather having to leave most of his furniture behind
               because  the  new  house  was  too  small;  and  as  my
               grandfather  was  a  business  man  selling  wood  and
               vegetables,  he was quite sad about everything that we
               could not take with. At the age of 13 I met my handsome
               husband  at  confirmation  classes  at  the  church.    He  is
               older than me and since he had more experience he did
               all the hard work ….. and boy did I make him work to win
               me …… we all know I am not an easy catch!!!
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