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My Story, Volume One is a compilation of rsts - rst adventure, rst love,
          rst loss, a rst heal, the rst truth, a rst forgiveness, a rst realization of
          what your purpose is and why, a rst me..... in a nutshell!                My Story

          “I was going to be a mother”

          “I am still alive, praise God”
                                                                                                                           My Story
          “We have two children; they live in heaven”                                Volume 1

          “The girl from Manenberg with ‘dirty white shoes’ was traveling overseas”
                                                                                                                                                      Volume 1
          “I had my own ECD school!”

                            About the author:  Amanda works full-time as an
                           Office Manager at a leading research organisation.
                           In  her  other  time,  Amanda  is  the  founder  of  a
                           community  initiative  in  Mitchells  Plain  called
                           PhenomenalWomen;  their  objectives  include  the
                           rebuilding  and  restoration  of  women  to  enable
                           them to shift from victim to victor, dependence to
          independence  and  to  stimulate  entrepreneurship,  self-reliance  and
          economic stability. She believes that ‘when you teach a woman to fish,
          you feed her for a lifetime’.

          She is also the founder of The Reading Room and believes that when
          you instil a love for reading in a child, you give that child a skill that
          can  be  used  as  a  currency  for  future.    Amanda  is  not  a  certified
          educator, psychologist, remedial assistant or occupational therapist.
          She is just wanting to assist and equip a child with the ability to read
          and comprehend.

          Amanda is a mentor, a peer-counsellor, an entrepreneur and an avid
          reader.  Amanda and her family live in Cape Town.

                                                                                                                            Amanda Sickle

                          AMANDA SICKLE - My Story, Volume One
                                                                                     Amanda Sickle
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